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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Do Christians Celebrate Halloween?

 Oh yeah, that's right, we don't! As Christians we don't celebrate this holiday; we participate in the Halloween alternative, some sort of festival or "trunk or treat" at church.  Why is it that we think we need an alternative?  Why do we as Christian individuals and especially as churches support the sales of Halloween paraphernalia?  Halloween has become the second largest holiday, just behind Christmas.  Retail companies have come to love this holiday as more and more people support the sales of candy, costumes, and decorations.  The churches have hugely contributed to this with the Christian alternative of "trunk or treating" asking people to bring candy, and more candy, and we still need candy.  What does that say to the unbelieving world when the  church is one of the biggest supporters of Halloween sales?

Now I'm all for Fall Festivals and Harvest Parties anytime between September and November, but not as an alternative to Halloween.  I don't need something to participate in just because other people are celebrating something I don't believe in.   Although I've participated in these activities as a child and as a parent, this year is different.  This year I have been convicted and cannot in good conscience participate.  On October 31 I'll be at home, but I won't be passing out candy or even tracts to those trick-or-treating.  Instead I'll be spending the evening in prayer.  I'll be praying for those people who literally celebrate because they are well-aware of what Halloween really is.  I'll also be praying that next year and for years to come that more and more people, especially church leaders across the nation will be convicted, as I have been, that Halloween is not a time for celebration, but a time for prayer.

I am well aware that I'm in the minority here.  I know that my own church is having a festival on Halloween weekend and if that festival keeps someone out of trouble or leads them to Christ that's awesome.  I also know that God is certainly capable of keeping that person out of trouble and revealing His truth to them through numerous other sources.  That same person would probably come to a fall festival and hear the Gospel regardless of the date.  So, why not have a Harvest or Thanksgiving Festival in November?  In fact, I'm guessing more people would come out for that than a Halloween celebration anyway.  Same activities, except the trunk or treat - and seriously does anyone really need more candy?!!

What if Christians stopped buying candy, costumes, and decorations for their alternatives?  What if Halloween became the least celebrated holiday?   What if churches stopped "trunk-or-treating" and had prayer vigils instead?  What would that say to the non-believing world?  Hmmm - I wonder.  I say we try it!

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