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I'm not quite who I used to be, but who I was has helped me become who I am. Now I am who I am. Who I was and who I am will in part determine who I become, but I'm not quite there yet.

Friday, March 30, 2012

I win

I win! You can be rude, disrespectful, and hateful which makes you look like a jerk.  I win.  You can say things about me that aren't true but that just makes you a liar and I win.  You can be immature, irresponsible, and pathetic which reveals who you really are and I still win.  I win because I prayed for you.  When you said things to hurt my feelings, I prayed for God to show you love.  When you told someone else something about me that wasn't true, I prayed for God to reveal His truth to you.  When you stole money from me I prayed for financial blessings for you.  When you destroyed something that belonged to me I prayed for God to protect your belongings.  When you tried to sabotage my job I prayed for job security for you.  When you put me in danger because you weren't paying attention, I prayed for your safety.  I win! There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent me from praying for you.  Praying for you when you try to hurt me gives me peace, love, and joy.  The more you try to hurt me, the more I'll pray for you.  I am content in knowing that your little schemes cannot affect God's plan for my life.  He is bigger than you and I have Him on my side.  Someday you'll accept Him and He will become Lord of your life too.  This battle you're trying to create between us will end and we'll both win.   If you want to win the only thing you can do is surrender.  Surrender to the God who can give you the ultimate victory - eternal life in Christ!  Until you do that, you guessed it - I win!